Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Year Anniversary GET-AWAY!

Last year, as we were celebrating our 9 year anniversary, I turned to Jared and mentioned that NOW would be the time to start planning something awesome for our 10th anniversary. I mean, TEN is a big deal, right?! I knew it would take us a while to figure it out. So, we threw around ideas of Hawaii (too $$$), Mexico (too iffy) and finally decided a close, but pimp location would be the winner. Jared's buddy mentioned a place down in Del Mar called L'Auberge (never heard of it) and said it was the perfect spot. Boy, was he right! It was heaven. Only a quick 45 minute drive and we were a world away from our reality. The hotel was quaint, but really nice and very modern with a beach vibe. We both loved it.

I am still kinda depressed that it's over (and has been for over a month now) because there is nothing I love more than hanging out with Jared. I cannot get enough of that guy, honestly. And, there is something to be said about a man who's mind is not on his stressful job. Real life is so busy with the kids, work, church, etc. I am always missing Jared to some degree. Why can't we be independently wealthy so we can just be together all the time?? WHY? Anyway, I could just see the relaxation in Jared's eyes and it made me so happy. Most of all, I love that I got his undivided attention every second. No one interrupting us, no one to talk to but each other, no one needing anything from us... ahhhhh. It was lovely. We spent the days just relaxing on the beach, surfing (Jared that is), napping, eating great food, walking around the cute town, massages, eating some more... it all added up to a perfect celebration. Jared would even window shop with me and go into stores and look around. I mean, that is special, trust me!

I took a good amount of pictures, but they are really all very similar since it was just the two of us and we got kinda shy about asking people to take pix. So, lots of self-portraits (I love those, though, who are we kidding?). Most of all, great memories together and I can't wait to go back to Del Mar. I LOVE it there!

just arrived... quick change into beach attire and we're off!
Del Mar, CA... I love you!!!
self portrait #1.
on our walk to dinner. I love this town.
here's a funny fact: I LOVE watching Jared while he puts his surfboard away. It just requires a lot of flexing and what not and it's a good show! wink, wink
relaxing on the sand. Just don't get sick of that.
our hotel. It was fantastic.
at dinner we saw the most amazing sunset. It was so bright and gorgeous. Too bad I couldn't seem to get a clear picture of it. Valiant effort, though.

is it me, or is Jared smokin hot?
last picture before we left for home.:(
Yay! Aunt Melissa is still alive and so are the kids! What an awesome sister I have, eh? She is always willing to come and watch our kids for us and they get SOOOO excited when she comes. She could not be a better sister and friend and I am forever in debted to her for coming. You rule, Yis!


laurel said...

Such a beautiful couple. Seriously!! Looks like an amazing, relaxing, fun getaway.

Meli T said...

Is it just me or are you pretty smokin hot!?! Yay for your getaway. I'll pray for your independent wealth so you may always relax away on a beach somewhere ;) Congrats on the big 10!

Meli T said...
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Campbell Family said...

HOW FUN! I'm so jealous, Chase and I need to do something like that. You guys are the cutest. I MISS YOU!!!

Marcy said...

We did Del Mar for our 11th! I agree, I love that town. SO glad you got to get away my friend. Looks SO fun! Happy Anniversary to a great couple! Love you! xo

California Roney's said...

I am so glad you were able to get away. The pictures are darling and im so glad you had a wonderful time. Love and miss you friend.

Steve Finnell said...

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Barbara said...

You're hot. :) Jared is one lucky fella.

sophia smith said...

Its really beautiful couple..I like the photographs which you shared here..Thanks a lot..Keep sharing..

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DanielKurzak said...

:) nice pictures

Sandy said...

Definitely a beautiful holiday and even more beautiful post.....loved the sunsets pics...Keep it up..


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Naqvee said...

Through your blog I got a feeling of warmth and happiness. I think in two hours or more I read all your blog sharings. I liked reading your life through a telescope! far but appeared too close to mine. I dont have a husband yet and no children but you appear to be so much like me.. The fun loving, the deep, the supportive, the encouraging. I hope I keep following you for more years to come to witness your umpteenth anniversaries and birthdays :)
Love Naqvee
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